Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Today's Finds

Handmade fingerless gloves from Sudrishta

Handwoven wool blanket from TexturableDecor

Ceramic mug from Julia Smith Ceramics

Felted cat cave from ShpilkaFelt

Vintage fair isle sweater from MaisonW

Last weekend the temperature dropped down to the 30s with me staring at a closet full of summer skirts and short-sleeved tops, so needless to say it was a chilly wake up call that I need to replenish my stockpile of tights, sweaters, blankets, and cozy things! (Thankfully, the temperature has climbed back up this week because we'd rather wait a few more weeks before turning on the heat, and as an 80-year-old lady, I tend to run cold anyway.) I have started scouring the internet for new things, but typical to me, haven't ordered anything yet. It seems a lot of stores still have lighter sweaters and thin-ish layers in stock? It's hard to find thick, warm sweaters these days anyway. If anyone knows a good shop or brand, I'll gladly take recommendations. What I really need is a human-sized cat cave, with maybe enough spare room to squeeze in a good book. :)


  1. Wonderful finds, love the fingerless gloves and I'm a fan of Texturable!!

  2. that ceramic mug is gorgeous - such pretty tiny details! i love it when it's cold outside (and in the house) because then i can drink so many cups of tea and wear all of my favorite cardigans all at once :)

  3. Beautiful! I love that blanket!

  4. Oh man, I want that blanket!

    You're right about stores having a lot of flimsy stuff in stock right now. Before I started my spending freeze, I popped over to the outlet mall for one last "just in case" trip and everything was really thin. Huge bummer.

  5. Love those gloves! 90% of my closet is summer clothes (year round, because I'm in denial half the year), but it's probably time to change that as it gets old wearing the same 5 outfits on rotation!

  6. It's only october, and I'm already being a couch potato together with a hot water bottle and a blanket. The one you've found looks so warm and cozy! A human sized cat cave sounds like a marvelous idea, maybe a bit more space to squeeze in a hot cocoa too?