Monday, November 3, 2014

Bits of October

The photo of the fence with the hydrangeas peeking through was actually taken over the summer. I found it on my phone and thought it was too pretty not to share. The little ceramic jack-o-lantern was a surprise gift from my mom. We don't really have a lot of seasonal decorations...we tend to be sort of minimal when it comes to that stuff and even if we wanted to deck out the whole house...we don't have a lot of storage space (so finding a place to store it the other 11 months of the year can be a challenge). But this little jack-o-lantern was so cute smiling at me everyday that I might need to do a little more seasonal decorating here and there in the future. And maybe reorganize some closets to make room. :)


  1. We don't do a ton of seasonal decorating, either, as you know. For Halloween I painted three mini pumpkins black and that was all I had time to do. Haha. Christmas will be a bigger deal, but even that won't be huge. I'll probably skip the tree again and just put little bits here and there.

  2. We decorate for Halloween but kind of non-traditionally. It's mostly a bunch of monsters placed throughout the apartment. We also make a bigger deal out of Christmas. We don't do outside so everything is in the apartment. Our storage is Mike's parent's garage lol!

  3. Over here in Italy Halloween is not a big deal, so no decorations for us. This year at Christmas we won't be in Italy, we are traveling back to Ireland so well skip the tree, I'll decorate here and there.

  4. Looks like a good and colourful month. I love that print! Is it a framed card?

    1. It's actually a print by Rachel Roellke. I got it a couple of years ago at a craft/art fair. I'm going to do a living room update soon and post about all the prints I have hanging on my "gallery wall" (including this one) with links to everything. :)

  5. What great fall colors! We don't decorate much for any holiday either. But I am enjoying my new wreath :)