Friday, January 23, 2015

Jones Point Park

Pier at Jones Point Park, Alexandria, VA
We went down to Jones Point Park the other day. You can't tell from these photos, but it was so cold! Sometimes, I forget how much colder it can feel down by the water, especially when walking under the bridge; the icy wind just cuts right through you, as they say. But sometimes I need to see the water anyway. When you spend all of your time in small spaces and crowded streets, where there are no vistas or open spaces to speak of, you need to be able to gaze out at something every once in a while. At least I do. And so we braved the cold for half an hour or so and walked around the pier and up the muddy trail to the lighthouse. (You can see the National Harbor with the Capital Wheel in the photo above. We've actually never ridden it, but we did ride the London Eye years ago, and I think it's basically the same kind of deal.)

Lighthouse at Jones Point Park
The lighthouse has been here since 1855, when Alexandria was still a busy port. Kind of hard to imagine that now.

Basketball courts at Jones Point Park in Alexandria VA

Hope everyone has a good weekend! Stay cozy, friends. xo, Mary


  1. Beautiful photos! I'm the same way - I need to get out of the craziness and into nature regularly. We took Essley to a big park today with a small zoo in it. It was 30 degrees and we literally the only visitors. We stayed for maybe 25 minutes and all loved it despite the weather.

  2. I'm cold just reading your post! Hehe. Beautiful photos!!

    <3 Kelsea | Kels Shark

  3. It's nice to get out of the house now and then, even if we do have to brave the cold. I'm so ready for warmer temps though!

  4. It looks like a quiet evening there! (Perhaps because it was cold?) I'm with you, though--sometimes you just need to get out and see things after having been cooped up for so long. You're right, it's strange to imagine the port being so busy back in the day. I'm glad they kept the lighthouse, though. You know I'm a sucker for old buildings.