Friday, June 19, 2015

As I walked out one evening...

Walks on summer nights are my very favorite, and I can't really explain why. I hate heat and humidity. I hate mosquitoes. I hate the severe thunderstorms that seem to be on the forecast nearly every day. And yet, summer nights always have me wanting to get outside and walk and see where my feet take me.

Twilight in summer always feels like the start of something instead of the end to me, like the day can finally get started now that the heat has passed. Maybe that's something left over from growing up in the south...I don't know...but as the summer sun sets, everything starts to come alive.

Happy Friday, guys. Hope your weekend is magical. :)

*Post title from the poem by W. H. Auden.


  1. Really lovely post, Mary. Very poetic! I join you in loving dusk in the summer. Everything else is fairly repelling to me too (you missed sunscreen...I hate it!). You took the most beautiful pictures...

  2. Now that our rain has finally subsided, a summer night walk sounds wonderful!
    Love those awesome stairs!

  3. I love summer and I can't wait for longer days and milder temperatures! Sitting on our terrace with a cold drink in hand is my favorite thing to do :)
    Love the stairs and the door!

  4. I know exactly what you mean about the day finally getting started at night- it's such a great way to phrase it. I love the evenings when it's a bit cooler and it's bearable to be outside. Love these photos. We'll be down your way soon and I can't wait to walk around.

  5. Totally agree about the day starting once the sun goes down. We were at my in-law's yesterday for Father's Day, and we left around 3:30 to cut the grass, run errands, etc. My MIL was like, "Gosh, I hope you don't loose daylight before you're done!" And we're like, "That would be awesome." Haha.

  6. I enjoy summer evenings for the very same reason. Yesterday was so horribly hot and humid, but as the evening settled in, we ended up taking a picnic down to a waterfront park. The cool that comes with the sun setting was so refreshing and even though it was still 80-some degrees, it no longer felt hot.