Friday, June 12, 2015

Handmade Basket and Ukrainian Easter Egg

I shared a pic on Instagram back in April of the Easter basket that Peter gave me, and I've been meaning to do a post ever since! Handmade gifts deserve more than a mention in passing, am I right?

Peter got the supplies and hand-wove the basket himself. He did such a good job!

Pysanka Ukrainian Easter Egg
He bought the Ukrainian Easter egg from Katya Trischuk. Do yourself a favor and browse through her shop. Her work is beautiful!

Several people who saw my photo mentioned to me that they know someone who collects pysanky, and I can see why. The intricate details, patterns, and bright colors are so appealing.

If you'd like to see Katya in action, watch this video. I love watching artists work; I could really watch process videos all day.


  1. Wow, the basket turned out amazing! The perfect place to display the beautifully painted egg :)

  2. that basket is really lovely! The design on the egg is amazing work!

  3. Wow, kudos to Peter on not only picking awesome gifts, but hand making that basket! Very cool!

  4. I'm so happy that traditional craftsmanship still dearly appreciated. As originally from Russia, I can say that many artists there still straggling, but love for culture and handmade keep tradition alive! I'm happy that etsy gives many from a global reach this opportunity to sharing theirs passion with a world!

  5. He did an amazing job on the basket! You don't hear about a lot of hobby basket-weaving, but I'm glad he knows how to do it. The egg is beautiful, too.