Monday, August 10, 2015

Afternoon Light

Still slowly making my way through photos I took last spring and earlier in the summer. I learned a hard lesson when I lost all my photos last winter...many that I'd never gotten around to posting or putting in personal I'm trying to be better about doing something with them in a timely manner. It's obviously a work in progress haha. I'm also thinking about using Flickr as my secondary backup for photos (after an external harddrive) since I already pay for a pro account; I should be using that for more than the occasional upload. The only drawback is that I'd have to make my account private because I'd be uploading personal photos of family and friends who don't want to be all over the internet. (They specifically say things like "please don't post that on social media." I know...weird, right?)

I'm still looking for alternate cloud storage for the rest of my non-jpeg files. I know a lot of people use dropbox, but I would fill up the free limit in about 5 seconds, and $9.99 seems like a lot to pay every month. I'm very poor. So what's your favorite online storage? Please share!


  1. I use Photobucket's pro account (I think it's $3 a month). But I only use it for some images. I'm terrible with uploading my photos!

  2. What beautiful photos Mary! I also use dropbox for storage but have used it up already. I did end up buying an external harddrive for $50 and it has tons of space on it. Then also, I'm always curious about picassa. I wonder if they have more space? Good luck!

  3. So far I just use an external HD. I do have some things on GoogleDrive, but haven't paid to get more storage. dad is the same way about posting his photo! He has a fit if he finds out I put him on FB!