Thursday, September 10, 2015

Today's Finds

Handmade mug with spot pattern from Wakako Senda

I love everything in this Japanese shop; it was hard to pick a favorite. :)

Hand-knitted dog sweater from Camelotia

How beautiful is this dog sweater? I kind of want a sweater in the same colors for myself! (I would also love the dog too, but alas, now is not the time. Sigh.)

Anna Karina print from watersounds

Can I just say that 13-year-old me would've died for this print?! I was majorly into black and white decor for some reason. I insisted on painting my walls white (they had been pink), and changing my bedding and some of the art on my walls to black and white. I had also just taken an intro to French class, and I discovered Anna Karina about the same time yeah, I would've gone nuts for this print. I should buy it to make my inner, angst-ridden tween happy. I still really like it now, obviously, so I guess my tastes haven't really changed all that much. :)

Vitra Kast Storage from Design Public

You know, in case you have an extra $11k lying around, this shelving system is the dreamiest.

Leather clutch from Mocha Bags

I love the simple shape of this clutch, and it comes in pastel pink too!