Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Project 365 - Week 1

Project 365 is going pretty well so far. I'm actually two weeks in already. I still sometimes forget to take a photo till late in the day, but I haven't missed a day yet, so that's good! Here's week one:

Day 1 - Making my to-do list in the morning. One of these days I will actually cross everything off.

Day 2 - Peter and I went for a walk in the garden after he got home from work. We stopped every now and then to investigate all the new things blooming. These pink peonies were my favorite.

Day 3 - Made an eggy pie for dinner with sliced avocado and sourdough bread.

Day 4 - The end of a very long week. Peter and I curled up to watch Netflix, and I burned this candle called Windmills and Tulips, a very sweet, spring-like scent.

Day 5 - We walked under a canopy of blooms and twinkly lights unexpectedly on the way down to the river. We got ice cream, met some sweet puppies, then headed back home to watch a movie.

Day 6 - Went to an antique store looking for a few things. Came away empty-handed, but I loved this vintage espresso set.

Day 7 - Picked up some new plants at the garden center. Pardon the mess of random things in the window. I'm doing some rearranging in this room and there's stuff everywhere.

Hope everyone is having a great week! xoxo


  1. Love the lights in the dreamy! And all the great color in this post :)

  2. Oooh! Love the espresso set!!!!