Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Project 365 - Week 4

I'm a few days late posting week 4, not that it matters, I guess. I'm still taking photos; it's just finding the time to edit and post that's a challenge. I think I'll get back into the groove soon, though!

Day 22 - I love the way they painted this birdhouse at the garden. Give me all the colors and patterns, and I'm happy. :)

Day 23 - I got back some prints from a roll I shot last summer. (It's probably time for another SOOC post soon!) I love to get prints in the mail; it sort of makes me fall in love with film all over again every time. I've started browsing used 35mm cameras online again, as I've had my eye on a few that I'd love to try out...if only they were cheaper! Photography is not a poor woman's hobby, that's for sure.

Day 24 - We randomly find things from the kids next door in our backyard from time to time...usually when Peter mows the lawn. This week's finds were a half-deflated ball (or dog toy?) and a tiny shoe.

Day 25 - I love this pretty ivy-covered entrance, don't you? Most houses in Old Town are right on the street, as they often are in very old towns with small lots, but these people are lucky enough to have a bit of a front yard.

Day 26 - We went for a walk by the water at twilight, my favorite time of day, and it was blissfully uncrowded and quiet.

Day 27 - I made some chocolate chip cookies using a low sugar recipe I'm still working on. I basically baked my way through winter, and amazingly enough, did not get tired of being in the kitchen! I'm still at it fairly regularly, though I've cut back recently since it's been so hot out.

Day 28 - This was the day of the Strawberry Moon! Did you guys see it? I can't remember ever seeing the moon so big and so pink in my life! Unfortunately, I did not get any decent photos of it. We were out when the moon started to rise, and I only had my phone with me. I tried different photo apps hoping one of them would work, but the moon just looked like a tiny, white blob instead of the huge and gorgeously pink sphere rising in front of us. So I turned around and took a photo of the pink sky opposite, which was still very beautiful, even if the moon stole the show.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July yesterday! It was a total rainout here, but I know everyone still enjoyed a day off. :)

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  1. Love that adorable birdhouse! And the twilight and sunset photos!
    We had a rainy 4th weekend as well. Back to the sweltering 90s again this week!