Monday, December 13, 2010

Ornament Wreath

I wanted to share pictures of past diy Christmas decorations, but despite a massive search (and by massive, I mean about 10 minutes of file browsing), I have only managed to unearth one or two photos of this ornament wreath. I would do a tutorial on how I made it, but it's been several years now, and I really just made it up as I went along.*

*For those who are curious, here's a brief recap of how I made it. I started by bending a wire hanger into a round shape using pliers and a lot of determination. Then I secured the ends together with strong tape. After that, I used leftover white yarn to wrap around the whole thing to cover up the hanger and make it blend into the wall (so that the ornaments "popped"). Next, I added glass ball ornaments of different but coordinating colors in several sizes around the wreath. This worked best by removing the top loop from the ornament, putting it in place, then sliding the loop back into the ball. The yarn helped keep the balls in place as well. Finally, I tied some gold mesh ribbon in a bow at the top. Voila!

I initially wanted to make an ornament wreath using many different sizes of balls in one color, or perhaps different shades of one color (for example, burgandy, red, magenta, etc.). But I didn't have enough ornaments in any one color, and the whole point was to make decorations using things I already owned, that could easily be dismantled and stored away in my tiny apartment after Christmas. I frequently get ideas for projects that are too large or over-the-top for our cozy little place. If I ever get a house, it's going to be out of control because I've got many years of pent-up craftyness just waiting to get out.


  1. This is such a pretty ornament wreath. It is full but not overly full, just the right amount of ornaments, which makes it look modern. I admire your restraint. I think I'm always a bit over the top, space or no space.

  2. This is such a great idea! I think i have some old ornaments lying around and a lot of free time.....maybe I'll make one?? Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. this is such a clever idea. thanks for sharing

  4. This is so pretty! I hope you definitely will do one again in the future. I'm not great at crafting, but love to try new things.

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