Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On Exploring

"An artist is an explorer. He has to begin by self-discovery and by observation of his own procedure. After that he must not feel under any constraint." - Henri Matisse

Matisse is talking about creative process, and certainly many artists have echoed the same idea (that finding your own style takes time and exploration, and that the artist, not the curator or critic, decides what art is, what it should look like and how it should be made).

But I wanted to post this quote here because it's really applicable to all areas of life. We all must do a little exploring, both of our hearts and minds and of the outside world, before we can really know what it is we're meant to do and how we're meant to do it.

I've also been thinking a lot about constraints lately, both the outside obstacles we face in life and the self-imposed constraints that hold us back. We all have that little voice that says "I can't" or "I shouldn't." That voice usually gets louder with age as responsibilities increase and our actions weigh heavier on those around us. But I'm a firm believer that each day we have a new opportunity, and it's never too late. Instead of letting fear or your inner critic dictate your choices, try saying "What if?"..."What if I did it anyway?"

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