Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Instead of the usual Tuesday playlist, I thought I'd share a video I took of Multiverse, a light sculpture by Leo Villareal that consists of 41,000 LED nodes. It's installed in the walkway between the East and West buildings of the National Gallery of Art, and it makes different patterns every time I see it. My poor camera skills don't really do the work justice (I tried to edit out the wobbliest bits in the middle), but hopefully you'll enjoy the video anyway.

(Yes, I added the Clair de Lune via youtube audioswap because I thought that sounded nicer than the background noise my phone picked up).

Did everyone enjoy the long holiday? We spent most of the weekend looking for a new apartment. We walked all over town Sunday checking out apartment buildings; it was exhausting, very sweaty, and due to an impulsive choice of footwear by me, a day that ended in blisters. The sad fact is that all we really have to show for our epic quest is two buildings that are maybes, and we don't even know for sure if there will be apartments available in those buildings next month. Finding an apartment here that has most of our requirements (i.e., available, affordable, safe, walkable to metro, and not a roach-infested dump) is like finding a unicorn, like this mythical, magical thing I've heard tell of but never seen in real life. We are giving notice in our current building regardless, so wish us luck that we can find something decent.


  1. Wow! I must go check that out! Looks like Star War's hyperspace which would be right up an 11 year old's alley.

  2. My boyfriend and I really want to move into an apartment that allows dogs. However, we decided to stay in our current apartment another year, just so we wouldn't have to go through to daunting task of finding another one. And to avoid moving. Moving sucks.

  3. I hope you find an apartment soon. You're not just looking for an "apartment" you are looking for a home. Not an easy task. The right one for you is out there.

    BTW....I blog did an artist interview which was posted today and one of my questions was about my favorite blogs. I listed yours as one of them.


  4. This is stunning! And i love the background music. :). Thanks for sharing all of your awesome art adventures with us!