Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Something Quirky This Way Comes

For those who like to keep things a bit odd or unexpected when decorating (in the best possible way of course), these are for you.

(quirky heirloom throw from Anthropologie)

I love that two of the flowers are "blooming" right off the edge of the blanket.

(vintage modernist carved wooden cat sculpture from The Vintage Cabin; and Snail altered vintage style plate by Unique Art Pendants)

The curving lines of this cat sculpture are so pleasing to the eye (I resisted the urge to use a cat pun here, you're welcome), and the snail illustration on the vintage-style plate is a fun twist on traditional "decorative china" decor.

(baby legs ceramic salt and pepper shakers by modernfx)

Imagine you're sitting down to dinner at someone's house: the food is on the table, toasts have been made, and everyone's ready to eat. You ask your neighbor to pass the salt and find yourself holding a baby leg! I think that would be awesome.

(brownie girls hand embroidery by marysgranddaughter; and metal wire crocheted pomegranates by Yoola)

I love everything about this piece from marysgranddaughter: the vintage linen and antique camera "frame," her style of embroidered illustrations, and all the added bits and pieces (antique doll arms, silver leaf, antique key).

It's hard to tell in the photo, but the red crocheted pomegranate is actually two tones of red, with the lighter on the bottom half, and this gives the appearance of making the top half almost float. It has such a light, airy quality, while still being very textured and colorful. Also, I've always thought people who have fake fruit displayed in bowls in their kitchens are a bit nutty, and I think this plays on that idea in a much more artful way.


  1. What fun finds! I love that Anthropologie quilt. How long will it take for a similar one to be available on Etsy? Can't wait!

  2. Very cool..that throw is amazing and I like the camera frame too!That throw probably already is on Etsy!

  3. The metal wire crocheted pomegranates are so delicate...!

  4. I'm digging that snail plate. Super cool finds!


  5. Love your finds! I love the crocheted pomegranates <3


  6. that anthro quilt is really pretty! funny that tricia (above)mentioned waiting for a similar one to show up on etsy, because i was just thinking how it usually happens the other way around! shows up on etsy first, then on anthropologie. c:

  7. Surprisingly, those baby legs were my favorite. I was laughing out loud when I saw them and imagined people around a table all holding the baby legs at one point. Every meal should have some levity in it. Come to think of it, every kitchen.