Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Scenes from Life

I'm going to miss looking out these windows, getting lost in my thoughts.

A horribly tangled crafty mess, otherwise known as the story of my life. I've since bought some tackle boxes from The Container Store in an attempt to keep things more orderly. We shall see...

Wild bunnies live in our neighborhood. I get so excited every time I see them, but I'm never able to get a decent photo. This time, however, the bunnies were eating dinner and content to let me get fairly close, under watchful eyes, of course.

Aptly named and delicious. The potato chip clusters are a bit too crunchy for me though.

Trying to get back in the habit of sketching on a regular basis; I'm rusty.

Passed this building on our walk and thought it looked interesting. I like the red brick peeking through the white facade, ivy-covered balconies, and twisting tree limbs.

These are the haunted steps from the film, The Exorcist (the scene where the priest busts through a window and tumbles all the way down to his death). This is the first time I've taken a photo of the staircase, despite having lived here for 12 years. The steps are very steep, by the way, supposedly five stories high. It's hard to tell from this photo, but they're definitely steep enough to give you the shakes if you're at all acrophobic.

And now for the winner of the Harry Potter's Janet!! I'll send you an email shortly.

Also, today is the last day to enter the Tiffany & Co box giveaway. I'll announce the winner tomorrow!


  1. I have found out that keeping a photo diary is way more productive and efficient than writing it and here is the proof! I am loving your scenes :)

  2. I absolutely love this post and those bunnies are really adorable. I really wish I had bunnies that roamed in my neighborhood.

  3. Too funny...I bought the Late Night ice cream last night. I was reading and saw the photo and was like...hey...and immediately thought of the yumminess awaiting me in my freezer. :p

    PS - you're tangled mess of thread is much like least you're attempting to fix it! It's like untangling a giant mass of Christmas lights.

  4. Ah! I wanna try that ice cream! You should see my desk... a big tangle of embroidery thread... :P :P I'll sort through and organize it eventually.