Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Let's Go Camping

I should get one thing straight from the start: I do not like camping. Don't get me wrong, I like nature...I just don't want to sleep in it, go to the bathroom in it, or get bitten, stung, or attacked by it. I do, however, love s'mores, ghost stories, lanterns, looking up at the stars, and having a good time in general. So what's a girl to do? Have a camping party of course! There's nothing wrong with setting up camp in the backyard, or if you live in an uncomfortably hot climate, the living room.

First, you need invitations:
(printable party kit from partysweet)

Next, decorations:
(orange cotton bunting from murdockdesign and paper garland from aLittleCard)

Punched ceramic lanterns make the light dance around:
(punched ceramic lanterns from Pottery Barn)

You can make your own pup tent:
(fabric pup tent tutorial from ReadyMade)

You might need an extra table or chairs:
(ponder table from stevechamberlainart and vintage folding chairs from theartfulcodger)

And of course, lots of pillows on the floor:
(crochet floor cushions from lacasadecoto)

Next, you need drinks and snacks:
(chilled mint lemonade from Martha Stewart and mini grilled cheese and tomato soup from fresh tart)
(apple chips from vittles and bits and striped popsicles from butterflyfood)

And what would a camping party be without s'mores?
(s'mores cake in a jar from how Sweet it is)

Next, you need games:
(1972 Clue game from Capzilla and vintage Sherlock Holmes game from MemorySaver)

And ghost stories, of course:

And last, party favors for everyone:
(miniature playable harmonica from paperfacestudio and red harmonica and whistle necklace from Azeetadesigns)

Doesn't that sound like fun (even for the indoorsy at heart)?

Now, on to the more serious business of announcing WINNER #2...it's Ren!! Yay! I'll send you an email shortly.

Also, today's the last day to enter the Harry Potter giveaway. Winner will be announced tomorrow!


  1. AWESOME!!!! Thank you!!!

    Btw an indoor camping party sounds like a great idea, what with the convenience of modern plumbing and all that. :P

    I also didn't know that Roald Dahl had a book of ghost stories... *is ashamed*

  2. holy cow, those s'mores in a jar....want right now!!

  3. I love all your camping images (especially the smores jars and the punched jars) but like you, I'm not at all fond of camping. My idea of roughing it is staying at a Motel 8 instead of the Hiatt or Marriott.

    But I do love getting out in nature, especially hiking. But then I like to go back to my house or hotel for a hot shower and in some cases, air conditioning!

  4. Oh, those ceramic lanterns are simply INCREDIBLE! I have never seen such and I think I am in love now, truly and forever! The crochet cushions are another love of mine, I recently crocheted one and we love it at home.And a cake in a jar? Isn't that crazy! I love what you have collected for the non-camping :) really love everything!

  5. Best idea EVER! I used to camp a ton when I was younger. It's so much less appealing to me now. This, however, is very appealing. All the goodness of camping in a comfortable location. Yes, please!