Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Bag Guide

There are so many beautiful handmade bags on Etsy at the moment, in just about every style and suited for any occasion. Here are six stylish options for fall:

Clockwise from top left: tan leather bag from Art On Crafts; Ikat peacock silk-lined clutch from Red Ruby Rose; Packet tote bag in charcoal corduroy from Jenny N. Design; dark mustard canvas lines bag from Tippythai; large leather clutch in smoke from Ira Grant; and small DSLR camera bag from stash.


  1. love the first one :) ^^

    xoxo dear!

  2. Perfect post for a purse addict like myself. Just bought one too. Love the first one. My husband thinks I'm nuts and doesn't understand why I need so many. But I don't understand why he just had is truck rims powdercoated. Isn't a vehicle simply a device to get you from point A to point B?

  3. I love them all!!
    I really love the large clutch that folds over

  4. Love checking out bags...what else is new:):) I like all of them, for different outings:):)

  5. My problem is that I am crazy about bags and have too many already. The last one is simply awesome, and it is in the fashionable for the season yellow!