Monday, October 17, 2011

Hand-Painted Necklaces from Heather Kent

When I arrived home from Chicago last week, practically sleepwalking I was so tired, this package of awesome was a welcome surprise awaiting me. Heather Kent is one of my favorite Etsy sellers, and her shop is filled with charming jewelry and accessories, each one hand-painted in watercolor.
I'd had this arrow necklace in my sights for some time, and when Heather said she was one sale away from her 1,000th on Etsy, I jumped at the chance to help her reach her goal. And because Heather is amazing, she threw in a bonus necklace as a thank you!
I fully believe in passing on good fortune, so I chose this necklace as my freebie to go to my sister. It's just her style, and I know she will love it.
I've worn my arrow necklace literally every day since I got it, and soon people will probably start referring to me as "you know, that girl who wears the arrow necklace," but I'm ok with that.

(Also, some of you may notice that my hair looks different; I chopped several inches off and colored it a dark reddish brown.)


  1. Ooooh, both of them are so pretty! Off to check out her shop...

  2. Ah, beautiful little statements...
    How cool that she included a bonus necklace!

  3. LOVE these! The detail is amazing for such little pendants. I really like the arrow one you got. :) And so sweet of her to throw in a bonus! I haven't been on Etsy nearly enough lately and have been thinking about finding some new favorite sellers, so thank you for the jump start!


  4. Красивое украшение!!!

  5. Beautiful necklace! I say that if you want to wear it everyday, go for it! You should enjoy it.

  6. Well, I can see why you like her work! I'd be wearing it everyday too!

  7. Loving the necklaces! Such little notes of creativity and love.

    Your hair looks great!