Thursday, February 23, 2012

Five Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Space

A lot of us are tight on time and money these days, but that's no reason why you can't change up your decor every now and then and add some lovely color to your life. Here are a few easy projects or ideas that could be accomplished over a weekend, either diy or purchased inexpensively.

1. Add a cluster of bright pompoms and paper lanterns over a bed or kitchen table, or maybe to brighten up your workspace. There are lots of Etsy shops that sell pompoms or you can easily make your own. You can find paper lanterns at pretty much any home decor shop or party planning store. I found this website that carries lanterns in almost every color and size. (You can hang them with fishing wire and those little 3M removeable (and reusable) clear plastic hooks or just tape them up.)

(Source: Rebecca June via Apartment Therapy)
2. Hate your flooring but can't afford to replace or refinish? Or maybe you live in an apartment and aren't allowed to make any permanent changes to the place? Use vinyl tape to add stripes or another pattern (chevron, polka dot, etc.) to your floor to create an "area rug," add interest to a hallway, or create an all-over floor installation in a kitchen or kid's room. This tape is the same kind used to mark gym floors and warehouses; it's very inexpensive and highly durable. Bonus: it works on walls too! You're only limited by your imagination and perhaps the colors of tape you can find.

(Source: diy Design Fanatic)
3. Paint the inside of a white (or natural wood) bookcase or cabinet with a bright color. I like the turquoise that this person chose, but lots of colors would work. A golden yellow or kelly green would look great too, or alternatively, you can wallpaper the inside of shelves with a fun pattern.

Pretty Pots
(Source: Christine Chitnis)
4. Make your desk or dresser prettier with fabric-covered storage containers. The diy linked above shows how to cover flower pots, which I think would be really cute holding pencils or pens or other office supplies. There are many tutorials online for covering cardboard storage boxes or vintage suitcases with fabric also. Obviously, you can make these look modern or vintage depending on the fabric you choose. If you aren't into diy or just don't have the time, these bright boxes from Container Store are super smart looking.

The Wall of Summer
(Source: girlhula)
5. Hang art! Of course, anyone who has ever read this blog could probably see this one coming. There are so many wonderful (and inexpensive) prints on Etsy these days to suit every artistic taste. But if you don't want to commit to large scale artwork, you can hang art (or vintage) postcards as in the photo above. You don't need fancy frames, but if you prefer a more formal framed gallery wall, you can find cheap ones at Ikea and Target, or maybe get lucky at a thrift store. You can also suspend postcards from a string with mini clothespins for a garland effect.

I hope you guys found these ideas helpful and fun. I might do more decorating or interior design inspiration posts in the future. Let me know what you think!


  1. Great ideas! I love the decorated flower pots. Cute!

  2. Yes! Love all of these! I feel like a pop of color in a space completely changed me mood. Great ideas!

  3. That vinyl tape on the floor is a great idea! I've never seen that one before.

  4. Fantastic ideas! Thanks for sharing.I love the prints on the wall.

  5. Such a great post, I love the pompom garland!