Thursday, March 8, 2012

Description of a Lost Thing


It never had a name,
Nor do I remember how I found it.
I carried it in my pocket
Like a lost button
Except it wasn’t a button.

Horror movies,
All-night cafeterias,
Dark barrooms
And poolhalls,
On rain-slicked streets.

It led a quiet, unremarkable existence
Like a shadow in a dream,
An angel on a pin,
And then it vanished.
The years passed with their row

Of nameless stations,
Till somebody told me this is it!
And fool that I was,
I got off on an empty platform
With no town in sight.

-Charles Simic


  1. Really cool poem. And it goes perfectly with the picture. I miss reading poetry - I need to get it back into my life.

  2. When a poem is good, it's REALLY good. I love the imagery here.