Friday, March 9, 2012

Scenes from Life

Whenever I have a spare minute, I've been winding my embroidery floss on bobbins and organizing them by color. It's immensely satisfying to see all those pretty colors begin to line up in rows. Also, I completed a large custom embroidery project a few weeks ago, which I'll blog about next week.

 A surprise delivery of pretty pinks and sunny yellows.

A rainy day outfit. And, no, I'm not really a giant, but I do sometimes forget that I am indeed a bit too tall to stand so close to the camera.

A vintage pin and vintage-inspired ring make the 80-year-old lady who lives in my heart very happy.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant downtown that turned out to not really be Mexican at all.

I did like the Oaxacan animals though. That reminds me: I used to have an Oaxacan peacock years ago. I wonder where he wandered off to?

Happy weekend!
xo, Mary


  1. Love all your photos! I love organizing my thread by color too. And I love your rainy day outfit and your pins and ring! Like, I said, I love it all!

  2. That's a great outfit! The yellow cardigan is a nice pop for a dreary day.

    Your uber organization is good, too. I've been slowly working through everything in my studio during down time. I have a lot of crap in here, I've realized.

  3. LOVE the way your embroidery floss is organized all pretty and rainbow! My supplies (and house in general) are so cluttered and disorganized that all I've been able to do is ignore it. Sigh.

  4. oooh, that lip color suits you and you look fetching in your rainy day get-up.

    you'd go into cardiac arrest if you saw my embroidery floss bucket. it ain't pretty - it's a snarled mess. i lack your patience for organization but i'll admire it from afar.

  5. You made me smile with "the 80-year-old lady who lives in my heart." I might be a five-year-old at heart, judging by my preference for skipping and making frou-frou dresses. We'd get along!

  6. beautiful photos! and i don't think i've actually seen a photo of you before- it's nice to put a face to all those tweets! :)

  7. Mary, I think there's an 80-year-old lady somewhere inside me, too, though I've never quite thought of it that way! That pin would be just the kind of thing to catch my eye at an antique store.
    I can't wait to see when your embroidery floss is all organized. There is something so calming about doing something like that or even looking at it.

  8. I'm glad you stopped by my blog because now I found yours!

    Seeing all of the embroidery floss in color order brings back god memories! My mom was a major cross stitcher, and my sister and I would steal bunches of it to make friendship bracelets :)