Friday, August 17, 2012

Scenes from Life

 I mentioned earlier that I've been on a berry kick this summer...can't stop eating them (and apparently, can't stop photographing them either).

My summer uniform every year always involves stripes and polka dots in some variation or other. And I also have a tendency to scatter my shoes around the apartment. Must try to be better about that.

There's always one rogue cupcake.

It looks like it's trying to make a getaway. (These are from Hello Cupcake in Dupont Circle if anyone's curious. Apparently, they've opened up a second location in Capitol Hill, which is awesome because that's closer. They make the best cupcakes ever.)

We went to Screen on the Green on the National Mall to see Psycho, one of my all-time favorites. Pretty Janet Leigh.

And Anthony Perkins, who is so good.

We realized during the shower scene that we were too close to the speakers because it was loud, really loud, like someone was stabbing us in the ears. So we moved farther back.

You can see that tons of people were there, too many to fit in the frame.

 We passed these horsies on our way home.

And also this sculpture outside the Air and Space Museum. I always think it looks cooler at night because when the stainless steel "sails" rotate, they reflect all the street lights. It's called Delta Solar, I think, and it's by Alejandro Otero.

Happy Friday! Are you guys doing anything fun? I think we're going to take it easy this weekend because next week is going to be busy. I'm about a year overdue for a haircut--seriously, it's kind of a drastic situation--so I might see if someone will take pity on me and fit me in their busy weekend schedule. Other than that, we'll probably just be hanging out. xo, Mary


  1. Those cupcakes all look so yummy! I'd have them eaten in a day!
    The movie looks like so much fun! We don't have anything like that around here, but it looks really cool.
    Enjoy your relaxing weekend :)

  2. Love your scenes from life. The cupcakes look yummy and you're right, the one does look as if it's trying to get away.

  3. Thanks for sharing your scenes from life! Love the outdoor movie, how fun! I can see why sitting too close to the speaker wasn't too good during the shower scene... That sound could really 'stay with you'!! Yummy looking cupcakes!

  4. Girl your photography is absolutely stunning! I especially enjoy the one of the horses.. the lighting is what really does it. Great job! Also those red shoes are the stuff. I need a pair... what size do you wear? LOL JK

    How cool to have a "drive in" theater like that. Here in mobile, al we don't do a lot of big fun stuff like that. :)

  5. So cool! We have a drive in here but a bit more low brow than your movie on the green. (still fun though!) Great pics!

  6. One of my BFFs lives in DC and talks about Hello Cupcake all the time. :-)

    My husband is a show scatterer, too. Drives me bonkers! I'm making him buy a shoe holder for the closet this weekend.

  7. very nice photos :)
    thanks for the love honey, I'm following you now :)

  8. Love you photos! Somehow reminds me one a holiday in Spain were we watched open air cinemas all the time.

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  10. I would take pictures of those berries too! They are so pretty and yummy looking.
    Screen on the Green looks like a ton of fun! We're trying to plan something similar in our downtown with one of those inflatable movie screens.
    Also, I'm terrible at getting my hair cut. I think a year usually passes before I get a trim.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Oh wow, those pictures are so amazing. And this movie and everything <3 Just wow! I wish we had such lovely stuff here <3

  12. I haven't been to an open-air cinema for ages (i.e. at least 10 years)! I even don't remember the feeling any longer. I guess I should just go ahead and try it again :D

    Your berry appetite is just great, I can see you getting healthy pink cheeks (in my mind's eye, that is)!

  13. What a beautiful part of the world you live in! Thanks for showing us how you and your neighbors are summering...

    Cutest shoes ever!

    My gang isn't up to too much here this weekend either. It's HOT (for the Pacific Northwest) so we are likely going to move as little as possible, eat takeaway sushi, and hope for cooler temps...

  14. I also love these stuff <3 Great pics ;)

  15. Ahhh cupcakes. I almost stopped by my favorite cupcake store the other day because it was coconut day but I KNEW it would melt and become gross immediately. and my shoes are also generally all over the apartment. Too many flats!

  16. I am so so so so jealous of you watching Psycho on a big outdoor screen. I've got to petition to make that happen somewhere around Philly. DC is so pretty at night too...

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