Friday, September 7, 2012

Message of the Day

vapor qualquer

I think this print is perfect, and it actually goes with the Instant Art Collection from Wednesday, no?

What are you guys up to this weekend? We will be packing, packing, and more packing. I also plan to do some work on the house, like more cleaning, installing roman shades on the bedroom windows and a shower curtain rod in the bathroom, and maybe making a trip to the paint store to get some samples. We have an open floor plan (if you can even call it "open" in such a tiny house-haha), and I have a pretty good idea what color I'd like to paint the living room/dining room, but the rest of the house is still up in the air. If anyone has suggestions of favorite paints they've used or maybe has seen photos of great wall colors recently, please share links in the comments!

Hope everyone has a good weekend! xo, Mary


  1. I have to admit, I like my adult years much more than I liked my childhood :) I love being in control of my life now :)

    My paint tip...don't go with white! When we bought our house, we painted everything white and I hate it now! My MIL has accent walls in bright (almost lime) green, orange and teal. I love it! (One accent wall for each room...not all in

  2. I can't wait to see pictures! It sounds adorable. :-)

    I agree with Edi, don't do all white. Have at least a little color, which I think you will. :-) In terms of good paints, I like Dutch Boy Refresh and Behr Premium Plus, both of which are low-VOC. Honestly, the Behr goes on a little better, but it's also more expensive per gallon, so that might be a factor depending on how much you need.

    What about a nice light gray:

    1. Paige, you read my mind! I was thinking of doing a light gray in the living room/ dining room area. :) Still undecided on the rest of the house though. Thanks for the paint recs!

  3. Hmm.. I agree with this except..lets add 'don't have kids.. it's a trap'. I love my adult life because I can do whatever compared to when I was younger.. adding babies to the mixture would restrict my freedom.

  4. I LOVE THIS! (And it kinda goes w/my post today too :)).

    My walls are different colors. My floor plan is open too, with an upstairs loft area, so the big wall that goes all the way up is white, then the dining room area is a dark mud and the kitchen is super dark grey. I'm a big fan of neutral walls. :)

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  6. It seems like lovely plans <3 This print is awesome!

  7. Heya! Cool print...being a grown up IS a trap!!

    We are celebrating a nephew turning two and cheering Mr. Hausfrau in a local 14km run this!

    Well when it comes to wall colour in small spaces, I'm still a lover of a nice bright white. We used benjamin moore "new snow" and love it! Our bright art really pops against it....

    Have a great weekend!

  8. THat's such a great print, and such a perfect message!

  9. Oh yes. Growing up is a trap for sure. And yet I read that the Western culture is a bit over the line with keeping its grownups non-grown-up. And I am wondering now... should I boast with my unwillingness to grow up or not?

  10. This print kind of reminds me of Peter Pan or "Hook." However, it's kind of true, as I DON'T WANNA GO GROW UP. :) Picking out paint samples sounds fun, though. :)