Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Scenes from Life

I had a successful outing to Target the other day, meaning I went in for one thing, which I couldn't find, and walked out with these limited-edition Andy Warhol Campbell's soup cans instead.

Aren't they awesome?

I also had to try these candy corn Oreos, also limited-edition. They didn't exactly taste like candy corn, more like vanilla mixed with candy corn, sort of frosting-esque. They were good but very sweet.

We finally got the shades up in the bedrooms, five in all. This project took longer than expected because we discovered soon after we started that we have metal frame windows instead of wood, so that meant we needed titanium drill bits, self-tapping screws, and a lot of muscle. If you have a fancy drill/drive thingy, it's not so hard to put screws into metal, but we didn't want to spend an extra $200 for this small project, so we took turns just muscle-ing the screws in there. Needless to say, we are both still sore.

I was playing Frankenstein with the cupcakes, cutting them apart and mushing them back together to make my own hybrid flavors. I would say it was a successful experiment.

A plane taking off in a dramatic storm. I'm sure it was bumpy getting through those clouds.


  1. They sell those adorable cans of cambell's soup at Target?! And I'm loving those cupcakes. SUCH a great idea!

  2. Those cans are so cool! I'd have to save them after I ate the soup :)
    And the Oreos and cupcakes are making my sweet tooth come to life!

  3. Ooo hybrid cupcakes seems like an awesome idea.
    And those soup cans are pretty awesome

  4. Those cans are so cute! Love the dramatic picture of the clouds and plane.

  5. I love the cans. It makes me want to buy them just to have them as art. We bought curtains once and they were awful looking curtains. I'm not sure if we'll make this attempt again. Can't wait to see more renovations of your home.

  6. These are really lovely photos. I am a photography student at a local school and I still struggle finding a way to capture beauty in small every day moments like you have.Those cans are pretty neat! I thought they were antique at first!

  7. I got all of the cans, too, and am meticulously saving the labels for a project. :-)

    Loooooove the shades, but bummer about your windows! If you ever decide to get a drill, we have two from Black & Decker, one battery-powered and one with a cord. I don't think either of them were over $40.

    And I forgot to email you back, and I'm excited about the gray! Can't wait to see pictures.

  8. How cool are those soup cans!

    I'd be so so tempted to save the labels to do a craft with.

    Bummer about hanging shades being so much harder than it should have been. But at least it's done.

  9. Those are some pretty awesome cans! I love them. And the cupcake looks mighty tasty...