Monday, October 15, 2012

Wishful Decorating

I mentioned last week that it will be a while before we really have funds to buy furniture or do a lot of decorating, but that hasn't stopped me from browsing online. It's ok to look, right? Here are a few things I drooled over came across this morning. ;)

Modern himmeli ornaments by AMradio

Scheurich vase from Eclectivist

Pillows from Leah Duncan

Found any great housewares or furniture lately? If you have favorite shops, please share in the comments!


  1. Some lovely finds here...I particularly love those cushions. I'm in a similar predicament at the moment so am trying to focus on the more affordable smaller decor details to add some spice to my new apartment. I love the shop West Elm ( for when I feel like dreaming :)

  2. Looking is just as fun :)
    Although I don't usually go for graphic prints, I think those pillows are amazing!
    We often cross the border to The Netherlands and browse the flea/antique markets there. They have wonderful items like framed mirrors, side tables and such. Usually at bargain prices too!

  3. Those geometric pillows are so pretty! They're all different, but they complement each other wonderfully. I am very much into patterns right now. And those ornaments are nifty as well. Where do you think you would put them in the house if you had them?

  4. Love those ornaments! Great for any season :)

  5. Omg, those pillows! I am doing window shopping for furniture & decor, too!

  6. Those pillows would look pretty darn good in my house as well, I have to say. Love the ornaments too. Window shopping for decor is a regular practice of mine too. Much cheaper than actually buying. :)

  7. Those pillows are SO you. I hope you get them (or something like them).

    I'm never *not* looking at stuff for the house. Target has some pretty cute stuff right now, and I'm always a fan of the constantly changing inventory at HomeGoods.

  8. Those pillows are lovely! Marshall's had some adorable ceramic owls and lots of cute dishes the other day, but I restrained myself...