Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Portrait of a Ceramicist

Etsy seller and ceramicist Jason Russell got in touch with me recently to share this beautiful video where he talks about his inspiration and process. (You might remember that I featured one of his coffee mugs in "Today's Finds" a couple of weeks ago.) I love to watch artists and crafters work; it's a privilege when someone shares his or her passion with you and lets you glimpse "behind the curtain" so to speak.

I love that Jason talks about the hand-drawn line on his pieces as that's what initially drew me to his work when I found his shop on Etsy. I shared with him that it made me think of this quote by Margaret Kilgallen, and the reason I love handmade so much.

Check out Jason's Etsy shop, his tableware line, SYRK, and his artwork here. 


  1. I love watching other crafters at work too! This is so inspiring! Cute dog too :)

  2. Really great feature here. I too love finding out about an artists purpose and process. Makes the artist/ art-lover relationship a little more intimate!

  3. Ahhh, so inspiring! We should all make videos like this of us practicing our crafts. It would be so cool to get to see things more hands-on like this.

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    Now following.
    looking forward to getting to know you and keeping up!

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