Friday, June 28, 2013

Today's Finds

Pair of vintage mid-century Thonet chairs from misovintage

Retro upcycled pendant light from Midcentury4U

Abstract painting pillow cover by Linnea Heide

Alba Etruscan ring by Claire Kinder

Flower poncho in cotton net by Sheila Couture

Just a few of my favorite things found browsing recently. Hope everyone has an excellent weekend! xo, Mary


  1. You always find amazing things, the pillow cover is my favourite. Hope you'll have a fun weekend!

  2. Those chairs! I wish we had money in the budget for more furniture. I found a real vintage Eames table on Krrb a few days ago, but after all of the plumbing nonsense we decided to pass.

  3. Those chairs are so cute but I feel like they would be uncomfortable. perhaps too modern?