Friday, July 19, 2013

Today's Finds

Handmade ceramic bowl by ONEandMANY

Floating console table by Teal and Gold

Black diamond stud earrings by Moira K. Lime Jewelry

Grey chiffon top by GUSTA

Waxed canvas and leather pouch by infusion

Today's group is all about minimalism, construction, and integrity of materials, which is just "fancy talk" for stuff I like. :)

Hope everyone has an excellent weekend! We are boiling here in DC, so I have a feeling we'll be staying mostly indoors. But should we venture out, I'll bring my camera along, as always, and share a peek with you next week. xo, Mary


  1. Fantastic finds! I'm in love for the Floating console table!

  2. You're so good at finding gorgeous things. I love that bowl and I would love to have a top like this!

  3. Sweet console table. We're roasting here, too, and I'm currently trying to figure out how I can minimize my time outside while running errands. I don't think it's possible unless I learn how to fly...

  4. nice pics:)

  5. Beautiful pictures! X Anna

  6. I soooo want strawberries right now. And a cool shelf/drawer/thing. And some new clothes. And a clutch and ... Iiiiii'm just gonna stop there.