Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Photo Every Hour (or Thereabouts) - Sunday

Are you guys sick of these "photo every hour" posts yet? Here's a peek at Sunday. (Most photos taken with my phone this time.)

10 am
I drag myself out of bed. (If you've been paying attention so far, you know that I am not a morning person, and especially not on weekends.) Peter has gone to get Starbucks. Bless him.

11 am
We go to an estate sale at this house. Most of what's left is either over-priced or not our style, but we do go home with a few books.

The house is kind of amazing too.

12 pm
We walk around for a while afterward and run a couple of errands. It's like 1000 degrees outside.

2 pm
We decide to cool off with some homemade ice cream on the way home.

I get lemon and Peter gets chocolate m&m's. Both are delicious.

3 pm
We're back home and I'm looking through my new books. Between the two of us, we got 6 books, but we easily could've walked out with arm-fulls. We exercised lots of restraint because our bookshelves are already overflowing. It's hard to pass up a really nice art book for $2 though!

4 pm
Peter is a professional napper.

5 pm
I work on etsy things and do other computer stuff (ahem, twitter).

6 pm
I remember that it's 'roid week on flickr, and we head over to the garden with my polaroid camera so I can snap a couple of pics to upload Monday. I only have a few shots left, and I've been hoarding them. I wish film wasn't so expensive and easier to find.

7 pm
Here are the photos I took. If I'm able to get any other decent shots I'll do a separate blog post later in the week.

8-something pm
We decide to take a walk around the neighborhood because apparently being outside for hours already today was not enough.

9 pm
We are watching "Endeavour" on Masterpiece Mystery. Anyone else a fan of this series, or "Inspector Lewis?"

Later on, I had an encounter with a huge spider who chased me into the bedroom. I mean, it literally chased me. I saw it and froze, then started backing up and the spider started coming at me. So I turned around and ran, and it chased me! After that, I was like NEVER SLEEPING AGAIN. But all that heat and walking all day caught up to me eventually, and I passed out somewhere around 1 am.

Also, Peter killed the spider. In case you were wondering.


  1. I love these posts! What's in the paper bag? A muffin? I recently had a piece of carrot cake at Starbucks: very, very good.

    1. It was a blueberry scone. And very delicious! :)

  2. love love love your side chair. where is it from?

  3. Great photos! I love lemon ice cream. And Robbie is a professional napper as well. I can never take naps.

  4. Oh wow I love your photos! Now I'm kind of ashame at my post with my photos :)
    That house you went to see looks amazing and I do love ice cream!

  5. Fun post, is so neat to see a glimpse into your day!


  6. Fun post, is so neat to see a glimpse into your day!


  7. Seriously, the houses in DC are amazing. I'm so jealous.

    Love your chair, by the way! Is that the new one?

    1. Yes! It's new. I will do another blog post on house updates soon. :)

  8. I find it hard to believe the spider chased you. You are like a million times larger than the spider. however.. I can't really argue because if I saw I mouse I'd be on the kitchen table. true story..

    Also.. that area looks so nice, What town is that again?? If I have to move somewhere for a year it might as well be a nice looking place.

  9. Mmmm...Starbucks and ice cream! And your flowers are so pretty!
    Spiders are not my cup of tea. If I had one chase me a heart attack would surely be next on my agenda!

  10. Sounds like a pretty nice day, would love to have some Lemon ice cream about now. It's so sticky icky hot in NY.

  11. The daily life of Mary! Thanks for sharing all these. That ice cream does indeed look delicious. That same day, Aaron and I got shakes from a local ice cream place. They were black raspberry-flavored and were delicious. I like that you snuck a photo of Peter in there. I wish Aaron would allow me to be more liberal with photos of him. Hell, he doesn't even let me use his real name on my actual blog. (Not that it's hard to figure out, anyway.) And I like that both you and I include Twitter in "computer stuff." That's basically the code I use to say I "need to get stuff done."