Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shop Update!

Here are three new brooches I've added this week:

A strawberry and chocolate double scoop ice cream cone - I don't know why exactly, but I could make pastel ice cream cones all day, every day, and never get sick of them.

A vintage-inspired red and gold leaf brooch - we had a few days of cooler weather that were such a tease and had me thinking and planning for fall. Sadly, now it's hot again.

And last but not least, a prickly pear cactus - I have wanted to make a cactus brooch forever and finally got around to doing it. I think if I were to see someone wearing a cactus brooch it would just make me smile, so obviously I had to make one. :)

I have another double decker ice cream brooch ready to list later today (lavender and chocolate with sprinkles and a cherry on top!), and I should also have a couple of new illustrated notebooks ready to list by the end of the week. What have you been making lately?


  1. I love all the little details you add like the sprinkles on the ice cream and the flowers on the cactus :)

  2. Maybe we should change houses. Over here it's a bit chilly. I am wearing a sweater dress and socks and sneakers. I would love to see some sun. The cactus is a great addition to your shop! Tonight I want to go frame shopping for your print :-)

  3. I love all small details on the brooches an extra fun to look! Clever and creative approach to taking the pictures! Kudos to you!

  4. Oh I love the prickly pear! It's one of my favourite plants :) Where I went on holidays there were lots of them!

  5. Adorable! Edi's right that the details are great. I love the mix.

  6. You are so creative Mary! I love that cactus brooch.