Saturday, September 21, 2013

New Prints and Other Stuff

I added some new prints to my Society6 shop, including the photo above. And you can get free shipping through the weekend! (You have to click through the link above to activate the free shipping.)

Here are a few other new prints added recently; you might recognize a couple of them from the blog. I love the way these look on various products, like this pillow, phone case, ipad case, and greeting card. They've just expanded the range of phone cases to include a couple of other models too.

At some point, I want to upgrade the furniture in my studio/office, including adding a comfy chair in the corner. When I do, I think I might buy that embroidery floss pillow as a present to myself. Is it weird to buy your own products? I don't know. But I think it would be so cute in a craft corner! :)

What are you guys up to this weekend? We are picking up a couple more paint samples to try out today...very exciting stuff. We also have less exciting stuff to do around the house like laundry and cleaning. I'm not one of those people who gets excited about household chores. (If you are that type of person, feel free to become my new best friend and come over all the time. ;)) I'm also going to try to squeeze in some studio time and maybe a mini adventure if the weather permits. 

Hope your Saturday is a good one. xo, Mary


  1. What a fun pillow...perfect for a craft room!
    Nothing too excited planned this weekend here either. Working in my studio and Jesse is cutting wood. Let me know if you find that friend who loves to clean...I need one of those too :)

  2. I love that pillow. It's so colorful. I love cleaning I just always find other interesting things to do instead. Ryan is away this weekend so I'm all by my lonesome. I actually just finished sewing a skirt from scratch..ok not completely from scratch but from a pattern and it actually came out decent. I woke up this morning and was like.. I think I'm going to sew some clothes. Now, that I'm done I'm straightening up and probably going to do some crocheting. I'm trying to get new scarves in the shop.

  3. I like that pillow! Nothing wrong with ordering your own stuff. I was thinking about ordering a pillow, to see how they look in real life :-)

  4. I love them all! It's Sunday morning and I"m sitting in bed eating croissants and catching up on my email. What paint did you decide on?

  5. We had a very domestic weekend, too, which I think is my favorite kind. I'm not terribly excited about cleaning either, but I always love how the house looks when it's done so I try to keep up with it. :-)

  6. I love how easy society6 makes it to buy cool stuff from art! I love the top photo best!

    We went to Disneyland this weekend! It was exciting but I'm SO exhausted! Going to be quiet around here the next few weeks :)