Friday, September 20, 2013

Scenes from (a Colorful) Life

I got a couple requests last week for tangerine. My first thought was "Oh, what a great color!" My second thought was, "That might be hard." I wasn't sure I had many photos of orange things. Of course, I could go out and take new photos; it is that time of year when pumpkins, mums, and other seasonal orange things start popping up everywhere. But that would defeat the purpose of this exercise, which is to go through the massive amount of unedited, never-posted-before photos on my computer and do something with them.

But to my surprise, I actually found lots of photos of orange (even tangerine) things. Almost half of them were of fall leaves, but I only included one of those in this group. There will be plenty of time for fall-themed blog posts later on.

Oh, and for those who requested blues, greens, or other colors, stay tuned! :)

The second photo is a detail shot of Wayne Thiebaud's painting, San Francisco West Side Ridge, which I took at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. The seventh photo is a detail shot from Arthur F. Matthews' painting, Spring Dance, from the same museum.


  1. omg, those photos <3 it's so beautiful *_* just can't!

  2. Absolutely wonderful shots! Love the shades of orange!

  3. I love the orange VW Bug :) And the butterfly is great too. I'm not quite ready for fall, but I am ready for the leaves to change!

  4. Love the bug too! The last one looks like a painting, gorgeous colours. Looking forward to see what next weeks colour will be :-)