Friday, September 6, 2013

Scenes from (a Colorful) Life

Several people have commented that they like when I post photos of colorful houses, buildings, things, etc., so I'm amending my usual "Scenes from Life" post today. I dug up some photos I've never posted here (most taken over the past several months) that I hope you'll like! Today is the red, white, and blue edition. Perhaps next time I'll do pastels? Oh, and happy Friday!

If you're wondering about the skinny blue house in the second photo, it's what they call a "spite house," built in 1830 by a man who owned one of the older houses on either side to keep horse-drawn carriages and loiterers out of the alley between the houses. Several other cities have or have had famous spite houses so there might be one in your town too. This particular house is only 7 feet wide, 25 feet deep, and 325 square feet on two stories. And yes, a couple owns it and lives in it, although it isn't their primary residence. The couple who owned it for about 25 years prior to the current owners did live there full time, as I'm sure many others have before them.

Peter and I have lived in some small apartments over the years, but nothing as small as 325 square feet, unless you include dorm rooms or something. Could you live in a house that small?

Oh, and thank you for all the sweet comments on my post on Monday. It means the world to me that I've met such awesome people through Etsy and blogging. I probably won't make it a regular habit, but if I do ever feel the need to blog about the downs and outs of real life, maybe I won't feel weird about it next time? We are all friends anyway. xo, Mary


  1. I am in love with the blue building and balloons! xx

  2. I love this colourful post, looking forward to seeing more of these.

  3. Gorgeous!! I love this new colorful take:) That one photo of the (mostly red) storefront with the little hot air balloons is my favorite. These are really great, excellent eye. Really enjoyed this

  4. I love the hot air balloons! What a magical little place. All of them really, though I love the last one. I'm not used to seeing such bright houses. So fun!

  5. Nice primary-color theme you have going here. :) I've heard of spite houses before, actually! They're always interesting to learn about. There are several in Boston, I believe. (Of course, they're really everywhere, when you look hard enough.) I've never had to share 325 square feet, either. The apartment I've got now is probably 500 or so (maybe less), but as it is just mine now, it works for me.