Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Today's Finds

I usually do these posts on Fridays, and I also usually only include 5 things, but I guess I'm breaking all my rules today. :)

Solid walnut tapered-leg nightstand by Hedge House

Hand-painted porcelain horse pendant by Manitas de plata

House pillow by Beanie on Helina

Grey knitted light frame by Marike Tralala

Eames side chairs from CoMod

Upcycled wool sweater mittens with fleece lining by For My Darling

I had to include the horse mittens, right? So cute! :)


  1. Wonderful finds, love the Tapered Leg Nightstand, the chairs...

  2. The porcelain necklace is interesting!! I would wear that around my neck.

  3. lovely finds, I love the light frame!

  4. Aren't rules meant to be broken ;-) ?
    I like that pillow. Actually, I like them all!