Friday, November 8, 2013

Scenes from (a Colorful) Life

It's rainbow time! Since I featured black and white last week, which are both really sort of absent of color, this week I decided to do all the colors. :)

If you're new to my blog, these color posts started as an excuse for me to go through the many photos on my computer I'd never posted before and finally do something with them (or delete them to free up room for new photos). Grouping them by color has allowed me to evaluate them in a different way, see them with new eyes so to speak.

It's been a lot of fun going back through my photo archives over the past couple of months, but I'll probably take a little break from this series so that I'll have more time to share other things with you guys too. I'll still be posting lots of photos, of course, but not necessarily color-themed ones. I might pick it back up in a few weeks.

I can't believe it's Friday already! This week has really flown by. I probably say that every week, but it feels especially true right now. Wishing everyone a creative and restful weekend. xo, Mary


  1. I did the excited clap when I saw the theme! That sidewalk is so fun--does the city do that, or was it a local business?

    Our weekend is going to be jam-packed but I'm looking forward to it. We're doing more work outside (womp, womp) and meeting up with two different groups of friends. I'll need to do a little work, too, but that's easy enough to shuffle around. Happy Friday! :-)

  2. I love the seventh photo, especially the gold details? Are the all taken in your hometown? I wish me and my camera could bring a visit some day, there seems to be so much to see! Thanks for sharing these colourful photo's :-)

  3. Black and white is my favorite "color" scheme, but I'm a sucker for rainbow too. These are great!

  4. So cheerful! It's a nice sneak peek away from the gray and snow flurries we have here right now.

  5. I love grouping photos by color!! I'm certainly going to keep an eye out for that once I start taking LOTS of photos. I just wish right now I have some extra time to go do that.