Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A few pics from a snowy day

Woke up to snow falling outside and lingered for a while under the blankets before facing the day. As much as I hate scraping my car and shoveling the driveway, I do love waking up to a blanket of white outside.

Coffee in a cute foxy mug.

Spent most of the day in here (the office/studio). Still working on getting this room organized. For now, it's a little haphazard...piles of projects stacked on every available surface.

Packed up some orders, wrote a couple of blog posts, made treasuries, and spent lots of time tweaking my tags and titles on Etsy. I wish I didn't have to devote as much time to admin/promotion type activities as I do...seems to outweigh the time I spend making things lately. I guess that's the curse of being a one-woman shop.

I took a break to wade through piles and piles of unopened mail, and after tunneling through, I discovered a whole piece of furniture I forgot we had. ;)

How cute are these ornament coasters we got at IKEA? And also the cover of frankie by Emily Martin is so pretty it takes your breath away a little.

When I went through the mail, I found some treasures, like this camera strap I ordered forever ago, and a cute owl from a pen pal.

Back in the studio to make some things, where I stayed for pretty much the rest of the day.


  1. awww.. so jealous of your snow!! There was a little bit of snow last week but it's definitely all gone now. You've been so productive with items thats great!

  2. That fox mug is so cute! It's supposed to snow here tomorrow but it never seems to stick

  3. Lovely! I am really missing the cold weather esp the Snow here in Singapore, wonderful pics:)

  4. Looks like you had a lovely day! We just have ferocious wind here and driving rain. Unfortunately I think admin is unavoidable in any small business. Hope you get a lot of good crafting in before Christmas.

  5. That's a lot of snow! So far none here (which I don't mind, being a summer person). I love the treasuries you've received in the mail.

  6. Lovely photos and the fox mug is just so foxy!

  7. I wish I could've stayed home in the midst of our snow, but alas, I had to go to school. Your day sounds like a lovely one! And it sounds like you've been selling a ton of ornaments this year. Yay!

  8. Oh, I think my comment disappeared at the moment of posting. Let me try again by saying that your bird mobile is beautiful. Did you make it yourself?

    1. Hi Sonya! :) No, I bought it from Snug Studio. Here's a link to their etsy shop: