Thursday, December 26, 2013

Flickr Favorites

Almost let the month get away without doing a flickr favs post! Can't believe this is the last one of the year.

200488827-001 Stella on Black parigi, presto 10 Untitled fly with me

As always, click on images to go directly to sources, and check out more of these photographers' work while you're there. :)


  1. Love that 2nd to last one, it looks very calming! Just checked out the artist and could probably spend awhile looking through all those amazing images. I love the center composition of most of them.

  2. These are quite fun! the coffee/tea drinking couple cracks me up.. The dog is a wonderful portrait.

  3. Loving the roof! I love doors and window pictures and the swirly thing in front of this window is a nice bonus :-)