Friday, April 25, 2014

Let's Take a Walk

Here are a few random shots from a walk last Sunday. I should say that if anyone else ever wants to join in and post pics from a walk in their town, please share the link in the comments! I'd love to come along. :)

It got cold again this week, and I haven't quite been able to put away the winter coat for good. But I almost don't even mind with all the pretty things blooming everywhere. Spring really is the most wonderful distraction. :)


  1. These shots are lovely! I think taking a camera out and about definitely makes you notice the little things more, like the pretty details you captured here.

  2. Everything is very pastel and light-feeling! With all the flowering trees, it definitely feels like spring. We've gotten a couple of rainy days here, so all the petals have gotten rained on and blown away. Alas. I do go on a lot of walks, though! I'm always afraid to take photos of others' homes, though. I guess I'm nervous that they'll come out and ask what the heck I'm doing, haha.