Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bits of June

You guys, this post was a struggle! For some reason, my phone didn't want to let me upload to Flickr, so I just saved the pics to my gallery on my phone and then emailed them to myself. But then nothing would open in Photoshop or any of my other photo-editing software. I eventually got them to open in Paint, of all things, and then saved them with a different name and finally was able to open them in Photoshop. I guess that doesn't really sound like much of a struggle, haha, but it took forever. Anyone else out there do IG collages/wrap-up posts? What apps or programs do you use?

Anyhoo, here's a look at what we got up to in June:

Passed by this flower box overflowing with pretty blooms; the courtyard at the American Art Museum (I could take pics of this place every month and probably will); took a walk through the garden during a brief break in the rain; and my dining chair looking cute.

Dawn sent me probably the best card ever made of a caticorn (with pink hair!); super delicious oreo cookies and cream milkshake; a new notebook in the shop; and the car of my dreams in Fredericksburg.

I thought this building (house?) looked nice; some cheery sunflowers on our table; my current hair situation which is double oc, at least three different colors right now and way too long (also, I don't think I've said "double oc" in about 20 years, but it's appropriate, trust me); and a Sunday afternoon watching geese and ducks in the water.

We discovered a new park near our house; Peter brought some lavender in from our yard (something is actually growing! yay!); and taking lots of walks.

It would seem as if I did nothing in June but wander around fields of flowers-haha. It's fun to look back on my IG and remember what we did, but it's also funny how much stuff does not get captured. People are quick to criticize bloggers and IGers for documenting everything, and some people do take it to the extreme, but if I didn't take these little snaps and share them here, I would forget so much. The bad stuff is what tends to stick out in our minds, so having a record of all good things here keeps things in perspective, no?

Hope your week is going well! xo, Mary


  1. Your June looks great!! I love the lavender growing in your garden. I have been wanting to visit a Lavender farm for a long time but its like 45min and I can't bring myself to drive that far by myself. Maybe one day.

  2. I like your take on IG and having a record of the good stuff! And when I do IG round up posts, I just copy the images from my online account and paste into Photoshop. Also kind of a pain but it works. xo

  3. Love all your pics. I think documenting your life is something we really need to do first of all for ourselves. To not loose memories and moments.

  4. June looks like it was a good month and I love the looks of that car. I've never had an oreo-icecream-milkshake, but I sure that we can be very good friends...