Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Shop Update!

I know I just said last week that I was going to focus more on illustration and less on felt pieces, and I am, but I've been obsessed with all things fun and fruity lately, and I couldn't let the summer get away without making some cute fruit brooches.

Watermelon felt brooch and Lemon felt brooch by My Hideaway on Etsy
Lime felt brooch by My Hideaway on Etsy
Lemon felt brooch and Orange felt brooch by My Hideaway on Etsy

You can see them all here. I also made a fun stop motion video on Instagram. I tried to save it as a gif to share here but something weird happened to the colors and lots of areas became overexposed. But hopefully you can still see it by clicking the link above. :)


  1. Cute pieces! Loved the video too :)

  2. I really like your felt pieces, so I'm glad you decided to make a few more. I wear the butterfly from the reject swap all the time!

  3. so cute!! I'm gonna need to get some brooches for my teacher outfits.