Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bits of August

I probably say this every month, but I really really can't believe the last month zoomed by so quickly. How is it September already? Here are a few peeks at August from my Instagram.

Love love love the color of that door; a hand-painted notebook I made of cute Copenhagen buildings that sold before I got a chance to blog about it; reading my book outside on the patio; and making smoothies (I switched from using a standard blender to a handheld immersion blender that came with it's own mixing cup because there's less clean up. I can't say I really love using the immersion blender either; still looking for the perfect smoothie-making appliance I guess. Anyone have any inexpensive recommendations?)

A new deer notebook (you can see slightly better pics here); an aqua door and cute window box (I took this pic for Poppytalk's color week); packing up notebooks in tissue paper and washi tape; and my bird mobile, which I've had for, I think, 3 years now and still really love (from Snug Studio).

Tried a new (to us) doughnut place; went to this exhibit at the Hirshhorn (it will be there till Jan. 2015 and is definitely worth checking out if you're in DC); tried peanut butter Oreo ice cream for the first time, and it was sooooo goooood; and a cute punch buggy hanging out by the water.

Spotted this teepee trellis at the garden up the street...so cool, right? I can't wait to see what it looks like when it fills out. I passed by this building for rent while out walking one day; how sweet would it be to open up a little shop on the ground floor and have a studio upstairs? We found a new garden to visit; it's completely gorgeous (I'll share more pics soon). And last, but not least, I found myself parked across the street from this beautiful house one day and couldn't help but snap a pic.

We stopped in Annapolis for a few hours last Friday (I'll blog pics soon); eating breakfast for dinner at our favorite diner (those sausages are actually veggie...our diner has veggie everything as your meat option on combo plates and I'm wondering how common that is...do diners near you do the same thing? I actually don't like sausages, veggie or otherwise, but Peter does, so I get them and pass them over.) I'm always on the lookout for colorful doors; and here's another new notebook inspired by all the mushrooms that have been sprouting up in our neighborhood lately. I'm always tempted to collect some of them, but then I think, what would I do with them?

August was a pretty great month. We did some exploring, and I have a lot more photos to share of our adventures. Summer has actually come late here; it's super duper hot and humid right now. Peter told me that the heat index today is 100-something degrees. So, I guess I am ready for fall to hurry up and get here after all. People keep talking about a certain pumpkin drink being available early, but I can't imagine drinking it on a day like today. Bring on the ice cream and smoothies! :)


  1. Love all these pics and peeks! Summer kind of came late here too. I'm not ready for fall but I do appreciate slightly cooler temps. :)

  2. Mmmm...all the food looks great! And I love all the doors/houses you see :)

  3. Summer did come late!! It's so hot and humid. Gross. The past few months have been so nice I thought we would have ended with a great Summer but I guess not. Your August looks so bright and busy! You got to do lots of stuff.

  4. As always, I'm enthralled by the east coast architecture. Your instagram is one of my favorites to follow because you show so many buildings. Haha.

    And the pumpkin drink available early!? I'm not there very often so I guess I missed the memo, but that does make me kind of excited. Maybe I'll pop in the next time I run errands.

  5. No wonder the Copenhagen notebook sold quickly, it's awesome! And how I'd love to go to the Hirshhorn someday :-)