Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Let's Take a Walk + Holiday Shopping

On Sunday morning, we got up early to go to an estate sale to look for a couple of things I can use as displays at my next craft show. No luck on that, but we did walk out with a couple of vintage wooden Christmas decorations. (I'm so excited to decorate this year!) After that, we popped into a few shops in Old Town to look for Christmas gifts, and I added about a thousand things to my own wish lists too. :)

One of the shops we went into was Red Barn Mercantile, which is stuffed to the brim with cute, cute stuff. They're having a Black Friday sale, which I might have to check out. I usually avoid stores on that day, but look how cute!!! (For those folks who aren't local, they have an online shop too, but I'm not sure if the sale is online as well.)

Nautical-themed tree? Yes, please. I love that whale ornament on the left.

They have something for everyone on your list: lots of adorable kids' gifts, soaps, books, pillows, kitchen things, decorations. The sales lady was super chill and didn't harass us once while we were in the store either, which pretty much guarantees a repeat visit on my part. (The opposite is also true, if you follow me around and try to talk to me too much while I'm shopping, I'll probably leave quickly without buying anything. This is true for everyone, right? Why don't they teach that to salespeople?)

Anyway, I'm on the lookout for more Black Friday sales in small businesses, local shops, and Etsy sellers, so if you know of any good ones, please leave me a comment!
xo, Mary


  1. So much cute!! :) I love pretty little indie shops like those. Hmm... Black Friday sales. There are so many and I'm trying to hide from most of them! Hehe. But I will say that Shana Logic is having one (www.shanalogic.com). Shana curates a collection of indie goodies for her online boutique and generally only does huge sales once a year. I've been buying from her shop for five years now and she also recently started carrying my jewelry too (which is how I know she's going to have a big sale). That's the big one I'm going to check out on Friday! :)

    1. Thanks for sharing the link! I'll definitely check it out. xo