Friday, April 10, 2015

Spring in Old Town

I really do love spring; everyone puts flowers out on their doorsteps, birds are busy making nests, and blossoming things abound. I can't wait to spend some time outdoors this weekend, despite a hurt foot I'm hobbling around on and allergies that just won't quit. Nature is pretty brilliant right now, even in the city, and I don't want to miss it. :)

By the way, I thought I'd try something new on the blog. I usually wait until I have lots of photos to create a post, but that's meant infrequent posting as of late as I haven't had time to take or edit lots of photos. I thought it might be nice to do shorter posts on a more regular basis, with a photo or two, or maybe some writing? I realized I actually really enjoy reading blogs that post little snippets daily, and there's no reason I can't do shorter posts too.

I hope shaking off some of my self-imposed restrictions will lead to more frequent updates around here and make blogging and sharing more fun. I really do love that I have this space to do whatever I want with, and I'm thankful you guys have stuck around here with me. xo, Mary

1 comment:

  1. I'm a fan of shorter posts, too! Whether you share two pictures or 10, I still like them and want to move to the east coast and live in an old building. Haha.

    I hope your foot feels better!