Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Kreeger Museum

A few pics from last weekend at The Kreeger. It was sunny and perfect and blazingly bright. We spent as much time walking around the sculpture garden and grounds as we did looking at paintings indoors...that's kind of rare for me because paintings/drawings/prints are usually what hold most of my attention. (I do have some photos from inside that I'll share later.)

If you're a fan of Philip Johnson, or mid-century modern architecture in general, it's definitely worth a visit. Buildings in this style are sort of rare in D.C. It's crazy to think this was a private residence before it was converted into an art museum in 1994. Wouldn't that be spend a few decades collecting art for your home and then letting everyone else enjoy it too? Remind me to put that on my to do list. ;)


  1. This place sounds wonderful! You picked a great day to go!

  2. I love it when rich art collectors decide to make their home into a museum! Maybe someday I'll get to do that, too. Haha. :-)