Friday, April 17, 2015

Weekend Plans

Happy Friday to you and hooray for park weather! Hoping to park my butt right there this weekend. Also on the agenda: gardening, reading, napping, drinking smoothies...all the good stuff.

Other good things to know about:
It's free National Park weekend in the US. If you spent all winter being cooped up and miserable like most of us around here, why not take advantage of the waived admission fees and do some exploring in a beautiful place?

Also, Saturday is Record Store Day, and there are events scheduled at record stores all over the world. Check the site to see what's going on near you. If you're a vinyl lover, you probably don't need a reason to buy more, but you know, it's good to get out and support your local shops!

One more thing, on Saturday there's a huge Earth Day event happening on the Mall in DC with a bunch of bands and I don't know what from 11-7. You can watch a livestream on the site. Most local folks, myself included, will probably take this as a warning to steer clear. Not that I don't love the earth, but you know people, so many people. Ugh.

Anyway, I'm off to the post office to mail an order. Hope your weekend is swell. xo, Mary

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