Monday, June 1, 2015

Today's Finds

Filomena muffin pan from Anthropologie

Tomato poster from Fine Little Day

Retro kitchen timers from World Market

Apple cutting board from Mix & Mash

Vintage flower storage bowls from Fishs Eddy

I recently started cooking again after (mostly) avoiding the kitchen for several years. To be honest, there are so many ways I'd rather spend my time, but as I get older, I'm trying to be more conscious of my diet and eating healthier, and it's hard to really eat healthy if you don't cook.

It's a challenge to make yourself do something you don't enjoy, so I'm thinking maybe some new cute kitchen things might be a good motivator for me. I'm a sucker for retro patterns and sweet I ever! I know myself well enough to proceed with caution though. It's a fine line between "that's so cute sitting on my counter," and "that looks too pretty to use...I'll just leave it there."

I think I would use all of these things, though, and they might make cooking a little more fun. :)


  1. You have remarkable finds. I think everyone would have been nice to spend time in the kitchen with such things.

  2. Oh girl, I'm so with you on the cooking thing. That muffin pan is ridiculously cute. Maybe have cuter kitchen stuff would motivate me to cook more too?