Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Today's Finds

Fauvism Midi Skirt from Anthropologie

I was browsing Anthropologie the other day looking for pretty things I can't afford, as one does, and I came across this skirt with an amazing pattern of painterly strokes and was instantly smitten. Then I saw that it's called the Fauvism Midi if the pattern wasn't enough, they go and name it after an art movement to really reel me in! I started skimming the reviews for sizing info as I always do before placing something in my cart, and that's when I saw the name Yangyang Pan. I was like, "Of course! That's why it's awesome!" The skirts (there's actually two different patterns/colorways) were made as a collaboration between Troubadour and Yangyang Pan. I blogged about Yangyang's work and her shop, Siiso, a little over 4 years ago (longtime readers might remember), and I'm still as bowled over by her colorful paintings today. Her shop is seriously one of my favorites, and it makes me super happy when Etsy artists get more exposure from collabs with large brands.

Greenhouse Necklace from Kate Rowland

Parni Bikini from ApartofmeAPOM

Small Crossbody Bag from Olula

Glass Flower Vase from AvolieGlass


  1. You always find such cute items, I love the greenhouse brooch, and by clicking that link I also found a very cool cacti brooch :-) Added it to my wishlist...

  2. How awesome about that skirt! I get excited when I see real collaborations, too, instead of a brand just stealing something they see on Etsy (coughUrbanOutfitters!cough).

  3. That's so cool about that skirt! I love Anthropologie's collabs. Even Target has had some great collaborations with independent designers. Gives me hope for the big stores. :)