Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bits of July

We spent much of July indoors avoiding the heat and humidity, but when we did venture out, it looked liked this!

I took many more photos with my other cameras, actually, and I'm sending off a roll of film today. My last roll turned out really well, so I'm super excited to see these prints!

Other than that, we've been catching up on shows like Hannibal and Prison Break. Hannibal, in particular, is really good! I can't believe they've canceled it. They always seem to cancel the best shows too soon.

I've also been doing lots of reading for fun, which feels like such a luxury, so expect a good "summer reads" post soon.

And believe it or not, I'm still going strong in the kitchen cooking healthy-ish meals too....not every night, of course (I'm pretty sure I set a record last night for the amount of mac-'n-cheese I can shove in my mouth in 2 minutes, followed by some really good chocolate, but you know, baby steps).

And now on to August! There are a few things that need to happen this month that I'm super dreading and dragging my feet on, but hopefully there will be good things happening too. Such is life. For sure, there will be lots of studio time and making things. :)

What about you guys? Tell me something you're looking forward to (or not) in August.
xo, Mary


  1. lovely pictures! It is going to be busy here in Singapore as on Aug 9 is her 50th B'day, lots of events, activities, fireworks! It is going to be quite a celebration!