Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Today's Finds

Plaitaway bangle from Erin Lightfoot

I love all of the patterns on Erin Lightfoot's porcelain jewelry...just gorgeous.

 Lounge chair by Masaya & Co.

I designed a chair with a very similar silhouette many moons ago when I was in design school, so it makes sense that I would instantly be attracted to this chair. I really just can't stop looking at it! Personal preference aside, I think this simple silhouette is truly timeless and would complement just about any modern (or not-so-modern) home. Also, this shop gets bonus points for using sustainably-sourced hardwoods and planting 100 trees for every chair they sell. :)

 Railroad circle blouse from Sara Bergman

I love Sara Bergman's take on the classic striped shirt...changing the direction of the stripes to create geometric elements and visual interest. And it looks comfy too!

Pure copper spun planter from Yield Design Co.

Copper, brass, and rose gold are everywhere right now. It's funny how trends change because if you look at design magazines from even just 5-10 years ago (and I have a lot of them...outing myself as a magazine hoarder right now), warm metals were considered outdated and even icky! Haha. That's just silly. This copper planter is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen, whether it's trendy or not, and it would look nice on a bookshelf (or really anywhere).

Silver stackable rings - Moroccan Sugar Collection from gemagenta

These rings were cast in sterling silver from models carved out of real sugar; they're inspired by Moroccan tea rituals and henna tattoos. How cool is that? I love the lacy, free-form style, and I think they're so delicate and pretty.

Have you guys found any new shops or indie designers that make your heart go pitter-patter lately?


  1. I love the chair, rings, and planter! I've been looking at and admiring a lot of plant/cat art, pottery, and unique handmade clothes on Etsy :) I need to do a round-up.

    1. Cat/plant art and pottery are my kind of thing too...please do a round-up! :)

  2. Chaiiiiiir! Those legs are just perfect. I think I'm about to go down the rabbit hole...

  3. Great rings! And I love that the chair company plants trees for every tree sold!