Monday, August 15, 2016

Project 365 - Week 9

Hi, guys! I hurt my finger, and it's a little hard to type, so I'll keep the captions brief this week.

Day 57 - Early morning light when the day was full of promise.

Day 58 - An afternoon at Jones Point. Something about that tree in front of that lighthouse pulls at my heartstrings every time.

Day 59 - Jam and bread for breakfast.

Day 60 - Peter thought I should snap this photo. It looks like the entrance to an enchanted forest or something, but it's really just a cut-through next to a park. It makes me wonder what Alexandria looked like before it was developed. A few years ago, archaeologists found a spearhead in a cemetery nearby that's 13,000 years old! It's both hard, and somehow not hard at all, to imagine people walking and hunting on this land 13,000 years ago.

Day 61 - I don't think I've ever shared this little gallery wall in the living room before. I bought all of these pieces when we were living in different apartments, and I didn't hang them all together until we moved into this house. But at this point, I feel like they belong together, all these little creatures, and it will be weird to split them up when we move.

Day 62 - Morning coffee.

Day 63 - Pink skies.


  1. great shots, I always love seeing what other peoples daily life is like

  2. Love the "enchanted" tree path :) A friend found an arrowhead on a sandbar last year and I've been on the hunt for one ever since!
    Love the pink skies too :)