Thursday, September 1, 2016

Project 365 - Week 10

You might have noticed there was no Project 365 post last week. I haven't been feeling too great, and I sort of put everything on hold. But I have a couple weeks' worth of photos that I hadn't posted yet, and I finally got around to editing some today. I'm hoping I'll feel better soon and can pick it back up again. I miss it.

Day 64 - Trying to get in the habit of taking breaks every now and then and being mindful, which is sort of the whole point of this project. I have a tendency to spend too much time in my mind, if you know what I mean.

Day 65 - Looking up.

Day 66 - Wrapped up a present for my nephew. Apparently, he loved it so much he hid it from his younger brother because he was afraid he might have to share it. :)

Day 67 - Trying to cool off by a fountain on a super hot day.

Day 68 - I love that plant in the center; it reminds me of Sideshow Bob's hair. :)

Day 69 - Finding little pockets of nature here and there between sidewalks.

Day 70 - We walked out on a dock to watch the sunset from Daingerfield Island on a sleepy Sunday evening. One day I'd like to live on the water and walk out on my own dock.

Hope everyone is having a good week! xoxo

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